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What Judy’s Students Say:


“After reading Judy’s Replacement Child, I contacted Judy, as I had planned to write my memoir.  Being a new writer and thousands of miles away in England, I needed someone who could guide me and Judy has ‘literally’ held my hand every step of the way.  Her encouragement and support have kept me motivated, and her advice has helped me to find my voice.  Judy is a true professional and effortlessly balances the task of mentor and editor, with warmth and expertise.  My only concern is, I hope I finish my book before everyone finds out how fantastic she really is!"

Lizette Baker

"Judy showed me the meaning of “flesh it out”—which is really, the beauty of a memoir. I love that she gently pushes me to go deeper in places I glossed over. She shares her instincts as an astute reader and professional and prods me to go inside myself and examine what I really feel. She helps me express myself 100 times better. I’m a non-fiction writer and I’d feel very alone without having her by my side as I go through the experience of writing a memoir. One that I am enjoying immensely with Judy guiding me along the way."

A. K.

“Judy is a talented writer and mentor who is helping me put all the pieces together. It's hard to bear your soul but with her knowledge and encouragement I am finally going to write my story."

Susan Morris

“Expertise blended with kindness comes to mind when I think of Judy Mandel. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Judy as my Developmental Editor during the writing of my memoir. Above all, I am impressed with Judy’s ability to see the big picture, guiding and teaching me to make my story work better. Judy would be a true asset for anyone seeking help with their writing, and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

Diane Wheaton

“I read Judy Mandel's inspirational memoir Replacement Child before I first met her as a student in a memoir workshop she was teaching. Not only did I greatly admire the style and craft of her book but I quickly knew that her teaching style was a perfect fit for what I needed. I had begun writing a memoir four years earlier but was making very little progress, always finding other things that had to be done before I could find the time to write. I left Judy's workshop energized and motivated. I engaged her as a coach and found her comments to be insightful and very helpful. After only a few sessions with Judy my writing had improved, along with my confidence, and I continue to make progress on my memoir. Without Judy's coaching I would still be stuck.”

Sue Hoben

“Judy has the gift of helping writers find their own voice.  She has helped me move from the raw to the polished.

She is wonderful to work with.”

Diane Pomerantz

"Judy expertly crafted my first draft into a professional manuscript for consideration by top agents. She provided excellent advice on story structure with her gentle, persuasive style while editing with a critical eye. I highly recommend Judy's editing for your book."

Tim Lake, TV News Anchor, Author, Newspaper and Magazine Journalist, Philadelphia

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