Every writer is an editor. We write, we revise, we re-write. And then we re-write again. But, at some point we can’t see our own writing in an objective light. We need a fresh pair of eyes to pick out the need for a comma, or the need to “kill our darlings” as Faulkner said.

I offer three different types of editing services:


After reading your draft, I will offer suggestions for possible strengthening of the piece. We will have a phone conversation and I will also send you a written document outlining my recommendations.

Broad view edit

This is a more detailed review of your work in progress and will address point of view, structure and arc of the narrative. I will comment on the effectiveness of the writing and provide strategies for revision in relation to language, scene and arc. We will discuss my suggestions by phone and I will send a written document.

Closer view edit

A page by page review of your work in progress, with recommendations noted on each page and discussed by phone. I will make significant editing suggestions in relation to structure and arc of the narrative as well as recommendations to strengthen the prose.

Please call or email me to discuss the scope of your work and how I can best assist you.

Fees are dependent on the length of the work.

For your consideration:

Commas Can Save, Commas Can Kill:

Let’s eat, Grandma.

Let’s eat Grandma.

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