Central Booking Interview

Today on Central Booking: a candid conversation with New York Times bestselling author Judy Mandel.

Judy’s new memoir, WHITE FLAG (Legacy Book Press), is a personal and poignant account of her niece Cheryl’s struggles with addiction and tragic death. It’s also a recounting of her own futile attempts to intervene, and to ultimately come to terms with her inability to save Cheryl, or to find satisfactory answers to the most haunting of questions: Why? The book also highlights the more universal epidemic of addiction, and the unique factors that can make treatment difficult given the individualized manifestations of dependency.

Judy is a former reporter and marketing executive who recently earned an MFA from Stony Brook University. In addition to books, she also writes essays and articles. Her first memoir, REPLACELENT CHILD, recounts the devastation of a plane crash that killed her eldest sister and left her other sister – Cheryl’s mother – with lifelong physical and emotional scars. It’s a story that, along with WHITE FLAG, shows the effects of transgenerational trauma stemming from shared tragedy.

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